Australian Health & Human Capital Economics

Seminar Series

University of Melbourne - University of New South Wales - University of Sydney - University of Technology Sydney - University of Queensland

Welcome to the 2021 Virtual Australian Health & Human Capital Economics Seminar Series. The official website for this seminar series can be found here: HERE.

This event is organised by A/Professor Victoria Baranov (UMelb), Dr Tess Stafford (UNSW), Professor Stefanie Schurer (USyd), Professor Adeline Delavande (UTS), and Professor Brenda Gannon (UQ).

With closed borders comes an immediate stop of ideas produced abroad flowing into Australia. To continue ideas exchange and institutional connection with the rest of the world, we have thus invited scientists from abroad to present and discuss their research on health and human capital economics - virtually - to an Australian audience.

The seminar series is open to the public. Sign up HERE for mailing list.

When, How Long & How to Access? We meet every second Friday for 60 minutes. The start time may change, depending on the speaker (but no later than 4 pm Sydney/Melbourne time). Zoom links are listed below.


6 Aug - 11 AM: David Slusky (University of Kansas) Zoom Link:

20 Aug - 4 PM: Sule Alan (European University Institute) Zoom link

3 Sep - 9.30 AM: Pascaline Dupas (Stanford University) Zoom link

17 Sep - 10 AM: Sara Markowitz (Emory University) Zoom link

1 Oct - 10 AM: Michele Belot (Cornell University) Zoom Link

8 Oct - 10 AM: Heather Royer (University of California Santa Barbara) Zoom Link

15 Oct - 9.30 AM: Emilia Simeanova (Johns Hopkins University) Zoom Link

29 Oct - 10 AM: Matt Wiswall (University of Wisconsin-Madison) Zoom Link

12 Nov - 10 AM: Kosali Simon (Indiana University) Zoom Link

26 Nov - 9AM John Klopfer (University of Hong Kong).

10 Dec - 9AM: Manuela Angelucci (University of Texas at Austin) Zoom Link