Professor of Economics | School of Economics | University of Sydney

I am a Human Development economist. In the last decade, I have produced a program of research on lifecycle dynamics of health, preferences, and personality - sometimes referred to as non-cognitive, soft, or life skills. In recent years, I have produced insights onwhether and how public policy affects human development. I am a chief investigator on several linked administrative data projects to study the consequences of Australia's key family/education/welfare/health policies for (Indigenous) children. For instance, we have evaluated Income Management, the cornerstone policy of the Northern Territory Emergency Response:

Doyle, M.A., Schurer, S., Silburn, S. (2020). Unintended consequences of welfare reform: evidence from birth outcomes of Aboriginal Australians. IZA Discussion Paper Nr. 13547 [EALE 2019 Best Poster Award, September 2019, Uppsala] (Under review).

Cobb-Clark, D., Kettlewell, N., Schurer, S., Silburn, S. (2018) The effect of quarantining welfare on school attendance in Indigenous communities. IZA Discussion Paper Nr 11514. (2nd revision request resubmitted to The Journal of Human Resources).

My program of research is funded by the National Health and Medical Research Council.

I am an Associate Editor of the Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization and a member of the National Economic Panel of the Economic Society of Australia, and a board member of the Association for Economic Research of Indigenous Peoples.

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