Professor of Economics | School of Economics | University of Sydney

I am a Human Development economist. In the last decade, I have produced a program of research on how inequalities in personality - sometimes referred to as non-cognitive, soft, or life skills - evolve over the lifecourse. In recent years, I have produced insights on whether and how public policy affects human development. I am a chief investigator on several linked administrative data projects to study the consequences of Australia's key family/education/welfare/health policies for (Indigenous) children. For instance, we have evaluated Income Management, the cornerstone policy of Northern Territory Emergency Response:

Doyle, M.A., Schurer, S., Silburn, S. (2020). Unintended consequences of welfare reform: evidence from birth outcomes of Aboriginal Australians. IZA Discussion Paper Nr. 13547 [EALE 2019 Best Poster Award, September 2019, Uppsala] (Under review).

Cobb-Clark, D., Kettlewell, N., Schurer, S., Silburn, S. (2018) The effect of quarantining welfare on school attendance in Indigenous communities. IZA Discussion Paper Nr 11514. (R&R @ Journal of Human Resources).

My program of research is funded by the National Health and Medical Research Council.

I am an Associate Editor of the Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization and a member of the National Economic Panel of the Economic Society of Australia. 

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