About me

We have secured new funding through an NHMRC Targeted Call: "Against the odds: Understanding the factors influencing wellbeing among Indigenous youth in the Northern Territory" (2018-2023). We will be exploring Indigenous youth wellbeing using both linked administrative data and fieldwork, while training Indigenous research capacity. Joint with Lisa Cameron, Pat Dudgeon, Steve Guthridge, Guyonne Kalb, Olga Havnen, Tanja Hirvonen, and Peter Shaw. 

Watch my recent interview with the Human Capital and Economic Opportunity (HCEO) Network, University of Chicago: VIDEO


I am an Associate Professor (with tenure) in the School of Economics at the University of Sydney. My research interest is the Economics of Human Development. Most of my current projects explore the evolution of skills, preferences, and health over the lifecourse and the role that parents, public policy, and the medical care sector play in their development. I am involved in several linked administrative data projects in Australia financed through the National Health and Medical Research Council, evaluating, among others, the impact of early-life medical care and welfare reforms on children's outcomes. My work has been published in the Economic Journal, Journal of Health Economics, Journal of Applied Econometrics, Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, and Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, among others. I am an Associate Editor of the Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization and Health Economics.

I am a University of Sydney SOAR Fellow and was a ARC Discovery Early Career FellowPreviously, I held positions at Victoria University of Wellington and University of Melbourne, and I am a Visiting Scholar at The University of Chicago and a Research Fellow at the IZA Bonn. You can access all my IZA Discussion Papers hereHere is a link to my CV, email;Google Scholar Citations;Publications and working papers